Guest Tutor Workshops

Drawing with Plants with Anne Kelly


Plants and botanical drawings can be a rich source of inspiration for textile artists and embroiderers. Using seasonal plants as source material, we will produce a small book form with lamination,collage,stitch and colour. machine stitching is optional but pieces started in the workshop can be embellished further by and and machine.

Sumptuous Soldering with Alexandra Waylett


 This workshop incorporates many mixed media techniques which when combined produce an ornate and intricate 3-d Artwork . The beauty of it is that you do not need to work from a design as we use stamps and printing blocks to be our starting point – and allow the design to grow naturally from these images.  Of course you can take the techniques and materials used further in your own work at home and incorporate your own designed motifs. 

Silk Poppy Fields with Angie Hill


A lovely, relaxing workshop, using painted silk and layered silk with hand embroidery which adds texture and dimension.

A Girls Dress in a Day with Cathy Bayford


This is an ideal workshop for dressmaking beginners and those in the know. Once you have achieved making this dress, you will want to make more an adapt them to your taste.

Skirt in a Day with Cathy Bayford


If you have never made a garment before, this is the workshop to try. This is a lovely, simple designed skirt with a waist band and a zip! Do not be put off, Cathy will show you how to make it easily without worry!

Floral Shimmer with Donna Goymer


Donna will inspire you with this workshop. layering different fabrics and using paint and stitch to embellish and create this lovely floral picture.